Wanted : Gold Bullion, Dory Bars, Gold Dust

Buyer From United States
Dear Sir/Madam,

We are interested in importing gold bullion, dory bars, gold dust. Please contact me with soft offer and price list for gold bullion, dory bars, gold dust and no upfront payment from buyer but bank to bank, the buyers bank can contact the sellers bank for more details and negotiation but make sure you send recent pictures of the Gold with date (April 5-13) to me by email correspondent to show your seriousness and capability to supply.

Buyer procedures:
1. We accept only CIF Dubai rough bars (dust not accepted in Dubai).

2. Payment 100% within 3 banking days.

3. No upfront for any reason.

4. Payment guarantee (if required)will be issued from our refinery on our company letter head in favour your company name not issued from bank.

5. Payment swift transfer from our bank to sellers bank.

6. Because we buy cif dubai you will carry all cost until your gold arrive in Dubai then we will carry all cost inside Dubai// clearance/customs/gold transportation from customs to refinery also we will carry hotel cost in same our hotel for your agent.

7. During process gold will be in sellers name until we pay.

8. You can watch all process inside refinery.

9. We are ready for one year contract with you for 150kg plus/month.

Frank Eze
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